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Shuttle Travel Agency Split - Croatia
  • HR-AB-21-060200921
  • OIB:96166404601
  • IBAN: HR9523300031100331946
  • OTP - Splitska banka
  • Rudjera Boskovica 16
  • 21000 Split
  • Rudjera Boskovica 15 - Kaleta 1
    21000 Split / Croatia
  • shuttle.split.croatia
  • 00385 98 184 4738

Toll free number 0013393686096(for call outside Croatia)

Expert local knowledge and on-site assistance

Taste Dalmatia provides vacation packages in Croatia, Central & Eastern Europe.

We are happy to work with travel agents on commission basis, and we can be very flexible in this regard. Travel agents work hard on behalf of the consumer. The role of a travel agent is to make a trip – whether for work or pleasure – a stress-free and memorable experience. Travel agents spend time not only booking tickets and searching for affordable prices, but also personalizing their services for individual clients. Let us to be your partners in Croatia….

SHUTTLE Travel Agency

Founded on September 16th, 2004. as a private tourist and travel agency in Split, is currently one of the leading destination management company (DMC) specialized for wine & dine in the region. By following and adapting to global and local trends, we upgraded our successful business with our transformation from a travel agency into a DMC. Our products can be recognized by our special “Taste Dalmatia” which we believe to be both a product trademark and an element distinguishing us from the competition.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer competent partnership in destination management.

Our vision

Recognizable products and services, optimal balance of quality and rates resulting in success is what drives us to be both a desirable partner and employer, as well as one of the key factors in Croatia and the region in creating a destination of excellence and sustainable development.

Sustainable development

We believe in sustainable development, social responsibility and ecological awareness. Through its policies and strategies of sustainable development, SHUTTLE Travel Agency works to promote principles of corporate social responsibility and ecological awareness. We believe that as an active member of society, it is our duty and responsibility to contribute to the greater good.

Coverage of:

Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania

SHUTTLE d.o.o. putnička agencija

Vlasnička struktura / Ownership structure : 100% privatna, obiteljska tvrtka/ 100% private, family company

ID kod: HR-AB-21-060200921

Matični broj / Registration number : 1844738

OIB / VAT: 96166404601

Predsjednik uprave društva / President of the Management Board of the Company: Dragan Kostadinović

Voditelj poslova / Managing Director : Nenad Bašić Kostadinović (CEO)

Članstvo / Memberships : UHPA (Udruga hrvatskih putničkih agencija), Travelife, sustainability in tourism

Certificates & Awards : ISO 9001:2015

Sjedište / Company head office : SHUTTLE d.o.o., Ruđera Boškovića 15 – Kaleta 1, 21 000, Split, Hrvatska

*Upisana pri trgovačkom sudu u Splitu, osnovana 16. rujna 2004., MBS060200921, temeljni kapital 20.000,00 kn uplaćen u cijelosti / Registered at the Commercial Court in Split, established on September 16th, 2004, MBS060200921, capital in the amount of 20.000,00 kn paid in full

Radno vrijeme s klijentima / Working hours with clients at office : Ne radimo s klijentima u uredu, nazvati unaprijed za dogovor termina sastanka / On request only


Tel: 00 385 21 450 444

Fax: 00 385 21 450 444

Mob: 00 385 98 1844 738


Poslovni račun /  TRANSACTIONAL ACCOUNT (Giro account):


Adresa:          Domovinskog rata 61

                       21 000 Split


IBAN : HR9523300031100331946


Nadležno tijelo za službeni nadzor djelatnosti turističke agencije je:

Samostalni sektor turističke inspekcije, Trg Republike Hrvatske 8/1, 10000 Zagreb.

Kupci i korisnici naših usluga eventualne prigovore u pisanom obliku mogu upiti na emai:  ili poštom na našu adresu.

The competent authority for official control of the activities of tourist agency is Independent Sector of Tourism Inspection, Trg Republike Hrvatske 8/1, 10000 Zagreb.

Customers and users of our services can make written submissions by e-mail at:  or by sending a letter via post office to our branch address.


SHUTTLE doo uvjeti poslovanja